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Part 1 of the 4-Part Saga: There is no shortage of information readily accessible on literally every topic on the Internet. Everybody has the power to share “facts” as reality, and often it is indistinguishable from the truth. This is especially true when it comes to healthcare information.

Taking care of ourselves is a powerful asset, but we should be very careful about where we seek our medical insight online. Trustworthy sources are few and far between in the world wide web. Sources of trustworthy medical knowledge and insight don’t have to be reserved for only medical practitioners – it is available to all without losing its reliability!

MHint is an online mental-health-focused educational network where experts come to share their knowledge with anyone and everyone who has an interest in learning or growing more. Virtual meetings and teleconferencing is here to stay so let’s use it to improve our understanding of ourselves and one another.  In MHint, you’ll be able to interact with the professionals who are actually practicing and healing people as they share dependable knowledge for your benefit. Join us at today.

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