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The Finale of the 4-Part Saga: There is no shortage of information readily accessible on literally every topic on the Internet. Everybody has the power to share “facts” as reality, and often it is indistinguishable from the truth. This is especially true when it comes to healthcare information. 

MHint is changing the game in healthcare social networks because we’re based in science, psychology, and good old common sense. MHint was founded by a child psychiatrist (shout out Dr. Brian J Dixon!) to improve the ways to connect for people who want a more rich experience of the mental health world. It is specifically designed to complement generally what you may hear or experience individually. As a closed network (that anyone can join!), you know you’ll only be around those that are truly there to grow and learn with you. 

It’s like a whole new genre of physician-backed-mental-health-centric-social-media-

trusted-forum-community-exchange. That’s a whole lot to say, so we just call it MHint. 🙂

Come see what all the hype is about! Join us at today. We can’t wait to help you grow!

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