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Empathy begets Creativity

How do we think outside the box? There are lots of factors that spark creativity, but the most important multiplier is empathy. If there is one thing that this pandemic has shown us, it is that our old paradigms and processes are outdated. No longer can mental health...

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Anti-MSO = Support, Not Control

Management services organizations seem like the perfect opportunity to help with the administrative, non-medical work involved in running a practice. Freeing up physicians to actually spend their working hours treating and helping patients instead of doing...

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Doing it Therapeutically

What does it mean to “do it therapeutically”? It’s all about perspective. Think of it like melding together task-oriented with relationship-oriented approaches to workflow. Therapy is all about discerning mental and emotional road-blocks so that you can thrive and...

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You matter!

Your perspective is one-of-a-kind, and we celebrate your input, always. There is an insight or solution that only you can think of; an idea of yours will send someone else over the edge in a breakthrough moment of their own. This is collaboration at its finest!...

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Cultivating success in private practice (w/o insurance)

Mental health clinicians are burning out at an increasing rate.  There are more reasons for this burnout than I could begin to capture in this post but suffice it to say, there’s a lot of overworking and unnecessary bureaucracy behind the scenes of every employed job....

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