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A safe space to find validation, acceptance, and encouragement is exactly what is needed to combat the overwhelming feelings of despair, isolation, confusion, and distress so common today (and that hinder our mental and emotional wellness). Mental health, after all, is intricately woven into everything we do, experience, communicate, etc. There are precious few ways for people to find this source of affirmation, and especially in the negativity and toxicity that so often populates online social media. 

In MHint, we facilitate social connections that share a common denominator so that others may provide empathetic and genuine encouragement to help you through the hardest of times. How beneficial is it to prioritize and protect your mental health?

It is overwhelming to hop online and instantly be inundated with a gajillion opinions and advice from people that could quite literally be posting information just to hurt people. As the saying goes, it’s like trying to take a drink of water from a dirty fire hydrant. It is painful, oppressive, and leaves you in a worse condition than you were before. And that’s why, in MHint, we like to ditch the firehose and promote taking SIPS

Within our closed-network, we filter out all the fear-mongering and judgmental trolls that live within the musty crevices of the internet. To further ensure your health, safety, and sanity, our goal is to take SIPS by encouraging support, insight, perspectives, and shared-experiences. Not advice. Not counseling. Not therapy. Not coaching.

A collective group that is willing to humble itself in order to hear the experiences of others is one that can grow and conquer. And to promote your protection and well-being, we have clearly defined and set the boundaries in MHint that specific medical advice, counseling, therapy, and coaching are to be reserved for your individual, specialized relationship with your mental healthcare provider. We are not here to rob you of their care, nor keep them from fulfilling their desire to help you grow and flourish.

MHint seeks to provide you with connections to enrich your experience of the mental health world, safely.

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