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The Simply Psych Culture 

What is it like to partner with Simply Psych? It all boils down to this: “Do it therapeutically.” 

What do we mean? Let’s zoom out and take a look at the big picture. Therapists and psychiatrists serve their patients by providing insight, balance, support, guidelines, and treatments. They do this by means of a “therapeutic approach.” Helping people is their number one priority. 

That’s when Simply Psych enters the picture — “helping the helpers,” so to speak. Our company was designed to support therapists and to foster excellent mental health treatment. We’re good at the business side of therapy, so therapists can spend their energies doing what they do best: treating patients. Think about it like a support structure for therapists doing the hard work of helping people feel and become better. 

Helping helpers help. It is our passion. 

Whether it’s ordering printer paper or returning a phone call, Simply Psych is about building a workforce ecosystem — a therapeutic culture — that shows itself in every task we do. “Do it therapeutically” is not just a motto, it is our way of life. 

Our Story

“Are you living in your passion?”

Simply Psych grew out of burnout and frustration. After three employed physician jobs, Dr. Brian J Dixon sought out Ruston Asfar to build the best practice management company possible. We want a world where quality mental health care is the norm, and we’re building it one person and one practice at a time.

Core Values:

Deliberate Accountability // It takes conscious effort to practice mindfulness, and our undertaking is all about you. We are in it for you, the therapist, because we know you are in it for those that need you. 

Collaborative // One person can do a lot, but they won’t do it all with excellence, nor will the same types of doers and thinkers produce the best quality of work. We strive to listen to voices that haven’t been regarded before so that inclusivity is the norm, not just another goal to stay relevant. 

Thoughtful Troubleshooting // Problem-solving is a vital skill for any business. Discovering ways to provide support with mindfulness as the lens is how we do it therapeutically. 

Courageous Communication // We are here to serve. Our mission is always to help the helpers help, so that you can be less tired and more inspired.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to improve the mental health ecosystem by removing the administrative burdens of clinical professionals. We strive to build intentional, collaborative, creative workforce ecosystems around therapists and for therapists. Think mental-health-focused workforce management for the helpers. 

We’ve seen how taxing administrative tasks are for clinicians.  We see the effect of uninspired work (faxing, scheduling, re-scheduling.)  Our goal is to make the clinician’s life easier: so that you can serve the clients you’re trained to support.  

We’ve witnessed the administrative burden greatly reduced, countless hours saved on boring work (that we love doing!), numerous patients benefitting from our services, too many PAs dealt with (check out Dr. Dixon’s video), and increases in the number of patients seen at our client’s practices. Growth happens with Simply Psych!

We are teachable. This past year we’ve spent time connecting with employees, forming interdepartmental groups, drafting training materials, reading books, developing study groups, and overhauling processes. Our goal is to create an inclusive, dynamic culture; we seek out partners in the journey that represent the population we serve.

We aim to create, facilitate, and encourage change that has a tangible effect on the community around us. Our belief is that to see the change come, we must be a part of it together.

We have the courage to grow, even though we’re operating in an underdeveloped ecosystem. There is only room for growth and development, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store – starting now!

This is our commitment to seeing our purpose fulfilled in this world. Mental health matters, and maintaining structures for physicians to retain autonomy in their practices is key to bringing about a better, brighter, healthier world. 


join the growing movement of happy mental health clinicians.