practice management and business consulting for mental health

The Simply Psych Culture 

What is it like to partner with Simply Psych? It all boils down to this: “Do it therapeutically.” 

What do we mean? Let’s zoom out and take a look at the big picture. Therapists and psychiatrists serve their patients by providing insight, balance, support, guidelines, and treatments. They do this by means of a “therapeutic approach.” Helping people is their number one priority. 

That’s when Simply Psych enters the picture — “helping the helpers,” so to speak. Our company was designed to support therapists and to foster excellent mental health treatment. We’re good at the business side of therapy, so therapists can spend their energies doing what they do best: treating patients. Think about it like a support structure for therapists doing the hard work of helping people feel and become better. 

Helping helpers help. It is our passion. 

Whether it’s ordering printer paper or returning a phone call, Simply Psych is about building a workforce ecosystem — a therapeutic culture — that shows itself in every task we do. “Do it therapeutically” is not just a motto, it is our way of life. 

join the growing movement of happy mental health clinicians.