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Our purpose is to improve the mental health ecosystem by removing the administrative burdens of clinical professionals. We strive to build intentional, collaborative, creative workforce ecosystems around therapists and for therapists. Think mental-health-focused workforce management for the helpers. 

We’ve seen how taxing administrative tasks are for clinicians.  We see the effect of uninspired work (faxing, scheduling, re-scheduling.)  Our goal is to make the clinician’s life easier: so that you can serve the clients you’re trained to support.  

We’ve witnessed the administrative burden greatly reduced, countless hours saved on boring work (that we love doing!), numerous patients benefitting from our services, too many PAs dealt with (check out Dr. Dixon’s video), and increases in the number of patients seen at our client’s practices. Growth happens with Simply Psych!

We are teachable. This past year we’ve spent time connecting with employees, forming interdepartmental groups, drafting training materials, reading books, developing study groups, and overhauling processes. Our goal is to create an inclusive, dynamic culture; we seek out partners in the journey that represent the population we serve.

We aim to create, facilitate, and encourage change that has a tangible effect on the community around us. Our belief is that to see the change come, we must be a part of it together.

We have the courage to grow, even though we’re operating in an underdeveloped ecosystem. There is only room for growth and development, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store – starting now!

This is our commitment to seeing our purpose fulfilled in this world. Mental health matters, and maintaining structures for physicians to retain autonomy in their practices is key to bringing about a better, brighter, healthier world. 

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