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“Are you living in your passion?”

Simply Psych grew out of burnout and frustration. After three employed physician jobs, Dr. Brian J Dixon sought out Ruston Asfar to build the best practice management company possible. We want a world where quality mental health care is the norm, and we’re building it one person and one practice at a time.

Our Core Values:

  • Deliberate Accountability // It takes conscious effort to practice mindfulness, and our undertaking is all about you. We are in it for you, the therapist, because we know you are in it for those that need you.

  • Collaborative // One person can do a lot, but they won’t do it all with excellence, nor will the same types of doers and thinkers produce the best quality of work. We strive to listen to voices that haven’t been regarded before so that inclusivity is the norm, not just another goal to stay relevant.

  • Thoughtful Troubleshooting // Problem-solving is a vital skill for any business. Discovering ways to provide support with mindfulness as the lens is how we do it therapeutically.
  • Courageous Communication // We are here to serve. Our mission is always to help the helpers help, so that you can be less tired and more inspired.

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