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Management services organizations seem like the perfect opportunity to help with the administrative, non-medical work involved in running a practice. Freeing up physicians to actually spend their working hours treating and helping patients instead of doing administrative tasks is what the doctor ordered (literally). But what if the MSO conglomerates have grown beyond their good nature of seeking to help those that provide medical aid? 

There is a higher chance that a physician is employed by a non-medical person or entity than the physician actually owning their own practice. Increasingly, physicians are losing control of their practices in situations where MSOs are involved. This directly reverses the goal of utilizing MSOs in the first place. While doctors regain their time to focus on care for their patients, quality of care will be diminished if they are unable to dictate how their practice is conducted. MSOs are focused on making money, thus cutting costs to maximize profit. This results in the quality of patient care decreasing. 

This decline of patient care stems from physicians being less empowered to make decisions after losing their autonomy and agency. By giving the business and financial control to another entity, doctors are being neglected, side-stepped, and overpowered. Just look at the growth of administrators compared to physicians in the last few decades. Doctors are being completely overrun!

This is not an unforeseen predicament. Many States utilize the corporate practice of medicine doctrine, which are laws that prohibit non-physicians or corporate entities from the practice of medicine. Crafty MSOs comply with these legal hurdles, manipulating and overstepping their reach in individual medical practices. A lot of these MSOs, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers are working together to maintain control over medical care providers. This layered monetization of the healthcare industry damages patient-physician relationships as well as the overall quality of care given to patients, and strips physicians of their autonomy. Change has gotta come.

Simply Psych is the anti-MSO because we do everything an MSO is meant to do, but we focus on giving the physicians more control and autonomy in the process, not less. We are really good at doing the administrative and management side of things because we know it is vital to a growing and healthy practice. We do the boring work so you can focus on the powerful work of bringing healing to people’s lives. Physician-empowered practices are the best ones, and Simply Psych strives to place more control in your hands every step of the way.

Healthcare professionals deserve strong administration, business management, and support. The core idea of management service organizations is a wonderful notion that allows health care to be the physician’s primary focus. Simply Psych restores autonomy and agency back to practicing physicians, helping them focus on treating patients and maintaining control. We help helpers run their dream practices.

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