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The biggest resource in health care is time (although insurance companies would probably try to make you think it was money). Inefficiencies in the process between a mental health clinician and their patient/client can cause a ripple effect that bleeds into the treatment of other care seekers. 

Saying “mental health clinicians are superheroes” does not mean that they are superhuman. Therapists are people, just like you and me, that are bound by the confines of time. Yet they are superheroes because of what they can do with that time to help people find healing and wellness. 

That is why maximizing the time clinicians spend treating patients is so important to us at Simply Psych. Therapists are generally more energized and fulfilled when they spend most of their clinical hours in the room with patients/clients (remember: enthusiasm prevents burnout). 

Those minutes are precious. Each second spent keeping up with inefficient processes is a wasteful disruption that starves the therapeutic relationship. It’s exactly like the butterfly effect in nature. One seemingly small action can always have exponential and potentially life-threatening consequences down the line.

In the mental health setting, the wrong disruption at an unideal or unfortunate moment could prove disastrous to the wellbeing of a person. To minimize that chance, target practice inefficiencies. And the biggest way to do that: bypass the person in the therapy process whose time is most valuable – the clinician. Their time should never be spent on administrative tasks if there is a client wanting to be seen.

Look at it like this: every time a psychiatrist has to stop what they are doing before a patient arrives, their time is lost. If they have to stop and call an insurance company to work through a prior authorization and miss lunch in the process, they may be more tired or irritable at their next session. The trauma cycles, the clinicians burn out, and helpers begin to leave the profession.

Or maybe they spent too much time working through some billing inquiries, which cut into appointment time. That session runs over, and the next session runs over as well, causing the next appointment to reschedule, and bone-weary fatigue prevents those pesky progress notes from being finished. Why not set up clinicians for success? 

Whatever systems are in place at a practice need to be able to work around and without the clinicians. Their sole job is to treat patients.The rest is up to the team! One person cannot do it all, nor should they try. Efficiency is everyone doing their best to fulfill their tasks with their own skill set. That means clinicians treat patients, the financial people handle finances, the admin people worry about scheduling and patient intake, etc. Nobody should be spending time not doing what is in their lane, (especially not clinicians). Again, time is the greatest commodity in healthcare! 

At Simply Psych, we are in the business of creating time, not wasting it. Our fine-tuned practice management services are designed to free clinicians up from the administrative tasks that take up too much time from patient care. Learn more at today.

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