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Disconcerting data from the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health suggests that despite the substantial increase in suicidality in adults in the U.S. since 2008, receiving mental health services did not match that concerning increase.

We were sadly unsurprised to discover the common reasons (e.g. time-constraints and transportation issues to name a few). The other largest deterrent to mental health care was that people were unsure of where to go to find treatment. Shedding light on what mental healthcare services are (and are not), then, seems to be a key opportunity to combat  the rising rates of suicide in the U.S. 

Simply Psych believes that everyone benefits from a best-fit therapist.  Once therapy becomes a social norm, barriers like time-constraints and transportation issues are no longer issues.

What better way to promote mental health services than a supported and identifiable mental health workforce? 

People steer clear of what they don’t understand. We help clinicians become successful business owners, public speakers, and educational resources for their local communities.  Awareness promotes action. 

Integrating mental health into everyday life means highlighting interesting articles in our blogs, stoking responsible discussions on MHint, and hosting weekly office hours on Crowdcast that allow our clinicians to speak directly to psychologically-minded people.

As a closed-network social forum where users find support, insight, perspectives, and shared-experiences, MHint is a safe space for people to interact with trained professionals in a non-medical/non-clinical setting. We actively combat misinformation/disinformation in a world of too-much-information. Discover more at

Mental Health Office Hours is our weekly one-hour FREE live webinar where licensed mental health professionals share “edutain” viewers about mental health. This conversation connects trusted sources to the interested public. Invite a friend and join us at

Building better access to quality mental healthcare starts with building better infrastructure for the mental health workforce.  Therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists work hard to help their clients and patients feel better.  At Simply Psych, we enjoy caring for the caregivers. Learn more at

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