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Companies like Sondermind fill a needed service. It is needed because there was a void in mental and emotional healthcare around connecting patients to therapists. But what about starting your own practice? How will you allow your patients/clients to receive the best level of care while you run the business side of private practice? Two great options: DocSpace and Simply Psych

Promoting the mental health ecosystem means sharing and explaining all parts: the interdisciplinary workforce, the levels of care, and every business model you can think of.

Simply Psych only works with direct pay practices: those clinicians who have decided to enter a 1:1 clinical and financial relationship with those they treat. We believe it’s the best model for accountability and responsibility. And boy, oh, boy do we need to see more practices fully operational. 

Pressure on mental healthcare workers is only increasing. Demand for anxiety, depression, and trauma-related treatment continues to rise as the pandemic continues. Families coping with changing COVID protocols are noticing declines in mental health and rises in substance use and self harm. And Colleges are bracing for the worst as new variants continue to disrupt learning and leave many students struggling with intense mental health concerns.

With the data suggesting that mental health crises are worsening, there are some startup players who try to center therapists within their own network. While it’s a solid business strategy for that company, it limits clinician autonomy. Your capacity needs to be focused on treating the people coming to you.

At Simply Psych, we know it’s your show. Our goal is to complement and support the will and wishes of the clinician. You set your schedule. You set your areas of interest. You set your fees and messaging. We execute on your behalf. 

What’s on your mind? Hopefully it’s focused on you and your client/patients. If not, we can help you find more time by lowering the time burdens of facilitating your own practice. We are here for you!

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