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Psychiatrist, Own Thyself.

Medical education has an interesting way of skewing one’s perspective. Contrary to public belief about doctors and egos, medical students immerse themselves in teamwork. Without it, the soon-to-be-certified healthcare professionals would struggle to provide comprehensive care to their patients. 

Take, for example, the “code.” During this lifesaving intervention, each member of the team is supposed to perform a specific duty at a specific time in a specific order. On the wards, students and residents are taught how to work with and run a team. In fact, the medical education system is so thoroughly lopsided that once physicians finish their residency, they know only one system: practicing as an employee. We get almost no training on how to effectively own/run a practice much less how to facilitate teamwork as owners.

Residency education is all about intense/immersive “on the job training” in a particular specialty.  There’s no way to “learn it all” and so some critical opportunities fall through the cracks (nutrition and private practice are two that come to mind.) For example, eating better is an often overlooked tool in easing depression and anxiety, and private practice increases access to care.

Above all, Simply Psych are experts in helping psychiatric physicians own their autonomy. According to a survey conducted by The American Medical Association, the amount of general physicians that were not practicing as employed physicians was only 44% in 2020, which was down from 53.2% in 2012. Due to consolidation and crappy health finance (read Dr. Dixon’s book Forget Obama, Trump Ignored: Healthcare at, the trend of employed physicians – which includes psychiatrists – will only get worse. The time to breathe fresh life back into the dwindling doctors-as-owners business model is now.

At Simply Psych, we work with psychiatrists from the brainstorming phase to masterful execution, through calculated maintenance, and always in preparation for growth. Mindful ( is our “test model” that has spawned additional business models for psychiatrists.

Using a legally crafted business model specifically designed for psychiatrists, Simply Psych offers opportunities for the risk-embracing (i.e., start your own practice), the risk averse (i.e., be an employee within one of our established practices like Mindful), or the risk-temperate (i.e., run a practice underneath one of our established practices). We know that psychiatrists want options that fall between entrepreneur and employee, and Simply Psych is here and happy to help. Reach out to us at to learn more!

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