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Part II –

Each of us is a microcosm of a universe. Complex and wonderful. Rich in intrigue and energy. But for a society to work, alignment is needed…dare we say required. Now we don’t advocate for one voice, one thought, one approach. Instead, we argue that each person must choose to inconvenience themself on behalf of the whole: no exceptions.

It’s funny that we gladly inconvenience ourselves most of the time. We wait in lines. We stop at redlights. We drive in a designated lane. We (generally) smoke outside. These courtesies are both small and profound. Imagine what life would be like without lines and streets and signs?!?  

Mental health is no different. There is no normal person or perfect life. No one is completely happy unless they work for it; i.e. they are not the exception. Happiness, peace, contentment are cultivated; just read this poetic commentary concerning the Beatitudes:


Peace is not a silent state

That comes upon us from within—

Serene, detached, oblivious.


Peace is not a force like rain

That comes, unbidden, from above—

Gentle, enfolding, natural.


Peace is fire! Yes, peace is fire!

And peace is passion!

Peace requires a strength of will,

A certain courage, a heart of iron,

A force abiding to fulfill.


Peace is not a foregone fate;

For peace, like war, must be waged—

Mindfully, deliberately,

With arms ever ready,

And eyes wide open.


You are exceptional and amazing and your uniqueness sets you apart; this is what makes humanity so beautiful, wonderful, complex, amazing. We are all different. We are all worthy of love. We are all valuable, every single one. But your individuality does not make you above any other. Your talents do not qualify you to be an exception to everyone else. Your choice of religion (or not) does not permit you to blatantly hurt others. You are exceptional, but you are not the exception. 

Take the time today to let someone else be the exception, to go out of your way to show them care, affection, celebration, acceptance, friendliness, kindness, and love. Genuine interest and care granted to another person is the greatest act of being exceptional anyway. And don’t think of yourself as doing the right thing or obligated or any of that nonsense. Choose to be kind because people are worth it.

Be the exception for someone else – be the only person that went out of their way to show some ounce of kindness today. Maybe then we could all respect and honor one another truthfully.

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