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Part III –

While we continuously learn how to employ mindfulness as a means of bettering ourselves, let us reflect on the importance of non-exceptionalism. Take time to believe in yourself and love yourself, but what’s the harm in being “average” in most spaces? Even if you were the best baseball player in the world, is there no benefit from being a solid baseball player to round out the team? 

Our society has trained us to strive towards perfectionism, this “I have to be the best or nothing” mentality. While refining ourselves and our skills is a wonderful use of our time and energies, leaning into the notion that we have to be the absolute greatest or that we already are the very best is detrimental to ourselves and others.

Believe that you are exceptional, but remember that you are not the exception when it comes to creating a better world to live in. Choose to see the beauty around you, and let that drive you to take care of yourself as well as this planet that 7.9 billion other “yourselves” inhabit. Don’t take the world on your shoulders and try to save everyone from oncoming doom, but just let your actions and habits reflect that you realize you are not the only person on this planet after all. 

You don’t have to solve world hunger, or develop a cure for COVID, or plan how to defeat climate change. You don’t have to swoop in and save everyone. You can’t. Instead, let yourself be part of the bigger story and find ways to show care, support, and love towards others. Volunteer once a week at a soup kitchen, remind your loved ones that vaccines can save lives, or invest in a recycling program in your community. There is no shortage of ways to inconvenience ourselves a little bit so that daily life for others can be better. 

Take time to think about someone you love and care for, and imagine how your actions can help them have a better day. And then choose to do some of those things! And not just for them, but for others too. Kindness, charity, and generosity don’t have to be reserved for the holidays; spend time in every season showing a little love and appreciation for those around you.


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