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Part VI –

“Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good.”  There are some exceptional human beings that excel in human basics: they can eat whatever they want, have stamina/strength/low body fat with fair effort, and fall asleep without difficulty. They seem exceptional, but they are not the exception.

Everything that we do affects multiple parts of our body and health. The intricacies of our bodies are still yearning to be fully understood, and the multiple ways one thing we eat or do can totally alter various systems within our body (and then how those systems affect others and so on and so forth). Taking the time and effort to let our exceptional human bodies continue to grow and adapt healthily is infinitely worth it. 

We have identified the three most influential aspects on mental health that can be pretty easily facilitated with just a little bit of effort and discipline:

1. Exercise: 30-minutes a day is powerful for mental health. Getting your heart rate up (unless your physician has advised otherwise) is powerful for mental wellness. Get up. Go now. No exceptions. This really insightful study shows the effects of different types of exercise on various mental health outcomes. 

2. Diet: No one can skirt around the first law of thermodynamics: matter cannot be created nor destroyed; only changed. To lose weight, you have to burn more than you eat. And what you eat should be processed as little as possible to get the most nutrients. For example, a recent study found a link between higher levels of anxiety and diets high in saturated fat and added sugars.

3. Sleep: Sleep is physiologically required for each of us. There’s no way to escape it. So why not focus on making it an amazing experience? Consistency is key, and getting proper amounts of sleep will change your life. Resting is an investment that will yield infinitely more than what you could accomplish without it. The CDC recommends a minimum of seven hours a night.

At Simply Psych, we work with clinicians who run practices that believe balance is critical to success. Exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep are foundational for good mental health. There is no shortcut for any of the three; just the choices you make. Visit some of our clients’ pages to learn more:


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