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Our first list of breakup songs was full of golden tunes, popular and respected. We wanted to discover some more songs (because there is always room to process more of our emotions, especially concerning heartbreaks), and we hoped to find some unique and personal tracks to add to our growing playlist.  

We asked our staff here at Simply Psych to share some of their go-to breakup songs. They did not disappoint! While it is saddening to know that they had to go through hard times, it is comforting knowing that they made it through and processed through all the thoughts and emotions that come with a tough breakup. Heartache is somehow easier to manage when you know you are not alone. 

So without further ado, here is another list of the best breakup songs for your mental health:

  1. “Deadwood” – Toni Braxton
    • The sweet, sultry, husky vocals of Toni Braxton aid to the rawness of this track from 2017. Let Toni lead you through the emotions coupled with feeling like an abandoned stick in the mud to ones of triumph and confidence.  
  1. “Little Lies” – Luca Giacco (Covering Fleetwood Mac)
    • While the original version by Fleetwood Mac went through the full gamut of post-breakup emotions, this cover by Brazilian artist Luca Giacco is more toned down to really come to terms with realizing that a relationship just is not working out.
  1. “What Should One Do” – Sidibe
    • The upbeat feel of this one by Sidibe helps the listener grasp the idea that, although navigating how to break up with someone is difficult, there is something to look forward to through it all. It’s a vibe, revealing that pushing through heartache doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly mellow. 
  1. “Shadowboxer” – Fiona Apple
    • Fiona Apple has a haunting, depth-filled voice that further communicates the perilous predicament expressed in this song. Getting over relationships that are not perfectly defined, or that are “on-again, off-again”, is usually painful. 
  1. “Cry Your Heart Out” – Adele
    • One of the queens of overcoming heartache has a simple, powerful lesson to share in this song. Adele is not wrong in suggesting that letting your emotions out is so necessary in hitting that reset button and finding yourself after a breakup.
  1. “Walk Away” – Ben Harper
    • Impossible love is a painful pill to swallow. But be reassured by lyrical wizard Ben Harper as he sings this mellowed out track about truly letting go when you know the relationship cannot work out. 
  1. “So Long, Good-bye” – 10 Years 
    • Get ready to be swept away by soft alt rock with this one by 10 Years. Another one to help deal with a breakup due to compatibility issues, this one feels subtly optimistic as the singer hopes that both parties can see the good when looking back. 
  1. “When We Were Young” – Adele
    • For the times when you meet an old lover that you still may have some unresolved feelings for, let Adele help you express your emotions with this track off of 25. Let the nostalgia bring you to address what needs to be dealt with.
  1. “All I Wanted” – Paramore
    • Revel in all the angst in this powerful song by Paramore. Lead vocalist Hayley Williams has a beautiful voice to help you sift through the tenderness while also belting it out to relieve yourself of the hard post-breakup feelings.
  1. “In Chains” – The War on Drugs
    • Atmospheric and echoey band The War on Drugs offer up an absolute gem in this 2017 track. Speaking on the painful complications of love, and where those leave you when the relationship has come to an end. Hauntingly beautiful.
  1. “Motorcycle Drive By” – Third Eye Blind
    • When you’re struggling with where to go after heartbreak, Third Eye Blind has a sweet alt rock remedy to help you through. Our emotions are what make us alive. Remember to feel them through and see how much more alive you become on the other side. 
  1. “Love” – Screeching Weasel
    • Punk Rock POW! Sometimes you just gotta let it all out – and this track from pop punk band Screeching Weasel leads you through the emotions associated with no longer desiring to love the person that has hurt you.  
  1. “Jar of Hearts” – Christina Perri
    • Ooh, a slight throwback that addresses what it’s like to refuse a former lover that really hurt you. When you’ve dealt with getting over the hurdles, but the person tries to sneak back into your life, this is a good one to jam to and learn from.
  1. “Warwick Avenue” – Duffy
    • Duffy has such a beautiful voice, which aids to the complex, tender situation that is the subject of this song. When the moment to pull the plug on a relationship has come, listen to this song to hype you up to get it done.
  1. “Wild Belle” – Giving Up on You
    • Our own poisonous habits that lead us through cycles of toxicity can be broken. This track is a good one to visit when you need that push to move past a bad relationship that is really just hurting you in the long run.
  1. “Let It All Go” – RHODES & Birdy
    • Breakups can lead to an overwhelming amount of emotions and pain, and once we’ve addressed these feelings, a song like this one from Rhodes and Birdy will help you let it all go so you can move on healthily. 
  1. “Tompkins Square Park” – Mumford & Sons
    • Relationships can be messy and confusing, and this song from Mumford will help you come to terms with the relationship just not working out, no matter how hard you try. Clean breaks can still be painful, and worth working through. 
  1. “Up In Flames” – Coldplay
    • Ouch. Coldplay’s Chris Martin sure knows how to dish out the heavy hitters. This song is for the moments when you realize the relationship is going “up in flames” and it’s time to let go and move on. (Follow up with their Ghost Stories album to cool down the fire.)

That’s all for now! Don’t forget to save our Apple Music playlist for when you’re needing to process through the heartbreaks that life throws your way. And did we forget to add one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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