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BetterHelp has been in the public arena lately touting their 17,000 therapists who are ready and available to meet the needs of patients nationwide. From the patient perspective, it sounds like an amazing opportunity. Pick up the phone and get matched to a therapist quickly. In fact, that’s a dream that every mental health clinician shares: helping people get their best fit therapist as quickly as possible.

The key is “how” that happens. In companies like BetterHelp, there is a corporate infrastructure that was created by a non-clinician, scaled, then sold to a major corporate entity who answers to shareholders. The result? They need a lot of traffic and sales to feed the shareholders in the form of profits. This business-to-consumer (B2C) model is very common in the healthcare marketplace, and it fills a need (we don’t begrudge them that.)

However, we do see the necessity to operate in a whole new avenue. Simply Psych is completely different because we focus on helping you run your practice. We’re business-to-business (B2B). We support independent clinicians as they support a panel of patients who are directly connected to their practices. We help the helpers.

Corporatized practice narrows the marketing spectrum of the healthcare marketplace and makes it very difficult for small practices to compete in the digital ad space. Companies like BetterHelp, Sondermind, and GetCerebral have millions of dollars for digital ads and come into local spaces to “buy” the keywords and phrases therapists need to get in front of their potential clients’ eyes.

Yet, the clinician that is the best fit for a person may not be part of one of these conglomerates, and thus they are never able to provide the care that the patient needs.

Simply Psych coaches practices on alternative ways to reach their target audiences. We’ve learned tried-and-true approaches for independent clinicians to build up consistent and reliable referrals. Don’t let the giants of the industry keep you from providing the best quality care to the best suited people.

BetterHelp fills a needed niche. But it won’t help the majority of therapists who want more autonomy over their livelihoods and control over their day. Our desire at Simply Psych is to help you discover how the empowerment of running your own practice can increase the quality of care you give. Learn more by visiting today.

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