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Starting a private practice is technically easy.  Running the practice is a whole other matter.  What every successful owner will recognize eventually is that it’s hard doing everything, and impossible to do everything with excellence.

The first two phases of both pathways are the same: clinicians are eager to put their stamp on the world and know the patients they want to help. The first “rush” of interest is strong because there’s generally a demand already present from lots of the networking and heavy lifting that the clinician has already done (or brings from other workplaces.)

Ambition arrives, tempered, but strong: “We want to help!” And we do. And it’s amazing.

Then slowly a realization sinks in… someone has to answer all these calls. Someone has to manage the waitlist and schedule. Someone has to continue to market.  And coordinate with the CPA. And…and…and…!!!

Anxiety rears its head.

What if I don’t respond in time? What if someone’s in a crisis? What do I do when someone hasn’t paid? Did the patient follow through on the rest of the recommendations? Why did Mr. So-And-So cancel? Ahhhhhh!

Clinician entrepreneurs have continuous exposure to that second anxious phase. The successful ones just accept that the anxiety is normal and will always be there, an ebb and flow.  The troubled ones take anxiety as an affront, and, slowly, burnout and apathy begin to set in.

Perspective is often hard to come by in solo- or small group-private practice because there are simply not enough clinician entrepreneurs around to reassure that your situation is temporary and local. General entrepreneurs learned this a long time ago (hence why groups like the Entrepreneur’s Organization exist.)  In other words, “you are not crazy” but you lack a commiserate colleague to tell you this in those tough moments.

Simply Psych supports therapists and clinicians as they build out their dream practices and help manage the day-to-days so that we turn more to acceptance than apathy. We are experts in back-office management and have honed best practices to help you stay sane and avoid an apathetic end. Learn more about Simply Psych at

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