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For the mental health clinician, practicing therapy can be taxing. It is a highly emotional environment (not to mention mental, spiritual, even physical at times). The moments spent treating mental healthcare seekers could be flexed as the primary source of their time, instead of all the draining (yet necessary) administrative tasks that come along with running a practice.

At the end of the day, the therapist – who spent a decade on school and training to be able to practice – doesn’t want to look back on their good, hard work and realize they spent between 10 to 20 hours a week (that’s half the standard work week!) performing administrative tasks instead of actually treating patients/clients. 

Where does all the time go?! And why are therapists allowing their time to fly out the window? At Simply Psych, we know that clinicians are committed to helping people feel better; it’s a calling. And we want to help that desire materialize in a life-giving way instead of causing burnout.

Therapist, your work matters. Immensely. But your days don’t have to be filled with practice management tasks that take away time spent doing what you love: helping others feel better.

You deserve to feel better too! Without clouding your vision or encroaching on your autonomy. Simply Psych is devoted to you and your practice; we aren’t trying to make you work for us. If you’ve taken the dive into running your own practice, you want control and flexibility over your practice. We not only salute you in your endeavor, but we support your journey.

Simply Psych is focused on whole office practice management, not control. We invest our specialized skills of patient intake management, office coordination, administrative support, growth-inducing marketing, and schedule maintenance into you and your practice!

We help you feel energized, championed, and supported. Check out what our clients are saying!

“I felt completely supported by administrative staff, colleagues, and leadership. This support helped me to fully engage in patient care with great confidence in knowing that I am backed by a talented and understanding team.” – Dr. Guillory, Mindful

“Simply Psych has gone above and beyond in their help for me. They have put in place an infrastructure that grew the company overnight. Whenever I have a concern, they respond quickly to my inquiry. They treat you like family when working with you, which for a  new business like mine means a lot. I know they have more prominent clients, but they treat me like a fortune 500 company. ” – Bryant Berry, Owner of BerryGoodLifeTherapy

“Simply Psych is as close to a psychiatrist having their cake and eating it too because we have more time to spend with our patients and our family. Work-life integration is easier than ever!” – Brian J. Dixon, MD, Owner of Mindful (and Simply Psych!) 

More than a website or a virtual assistant to manage yourself, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at to continue the conversation today.

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