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“Your mileage may vary.”

In life as in business as in managing a private practice, there is no single strategy that will benefit two different companies in the same way.

Imagine two cars: same make, model, engine. Same starting and ending location. The only thing that differs is the drivers. Undoubtedly, one will get to the destination before the other. Why? Because each driver has their own unique experiences that determine the path they take between the two points. Some folks love highways, others love backroads. Some are lead-footed while others drive economically.

The key to remember is that neither is better or worse than the other. They really just different.

Throughout Simply Psych podcasts, webinars, office hours, blogs, articles, and social media, you will hear and see #YMMV a ton. It’s our shorthand of reminding you that our prose is not individual advice or personalized consultation. (To get those, make an appointment with us; we’d love to hear from you.)

We believe that support, insight, perspectives, and shared-experiences (S.I.P.S., if you will) are what help us grow and flourish under the care of a therapist (before, during, and long after specialized treatment, no matter the duration).

Sharing your experiences and learning from others is what reminds us of our individual humanity, and how we are all really trying to get to the same destination. Indeed our mileage may vary, but we are all in it together.

Find us wherever you are.