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Part IV –

At Simply Psych, we love the term “best practices” because it implies someone messed it up before you. After all, there can be no “best” unless there was an “Oops!” We are “standing on the shoulders of giants” is a common phrase because it recognizes the discoveries and hard work before us. We would truly have nowhere to stand without those that came before us, laying the groundwork and creating the foundation on which we jump from, up and up through more and more layers of glass ceilings.  

In our capitalistic society and democratic republic, we’ve fitted together lots of odds and ends from different thoughts, religions, philosophies to form a “best practice” for our nation. And while politics and pandemic have strained these tremendously, hope abounds. Our staff believes in the power of collectivism: pooling resources to benefit all our employees, clients, and patients we serve. We are exceptional…

But not the exception.

We work diligently to ensure our staff knows our goals and core values. To ensure that they feel valued each day they commit to a work project and that they can grow into whatever next opportunity awaits them (hopefully within our growing company!).

We offer work from home and PTO and competitive pay. But we know we must do more.  We actively recruit a diverse and inclusive workforce because we’re exceptional. Retaining them means we’re not allowed to take them for granted; to rest on our laurels just because we’re different from most management service organizations.

2022 is a year of growth and maturation. We’re happy you’re on the journey with us! Let your mistakes remind you of your humanity, and choose to find ways to forgive yourself, get up and dust yourself off, and keep growing and learning and evolving. Don’t waste an opportunity to live out the fact that you are exceptional! Let that realization also remind you that you are not the exception, too. Together, we can all do better.


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