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Mental health and wellness has never excluded physical health. They go hand-in-hand, as experts point out. Increases in physical exercise and improvements in mental health are intricately linked; from the psychological quality of adolescents to college-aged individuals (who are typically deemed as already being in the best shape of their lives). Physical exercise is an extremely important factor in developing holistic wellness.

The multifaceted complexities with which our bodies grow, operate, develop, and function are truly remarkable. A little goes a long way when we actively make time to prioritize our own physical wellness.  

Although consistent physical exercise is commonly lauded as key in decreasing the risk of virtually all chronic illnesses, the intricacies behind this phenomenon have not been greatly understood. However, a recent study has discovered that the benefits of regular physical activity are, at least partially, due to changes in the structure of our DNA. Wild!

The collected data revealed that exercise and physical training improves metabolic and cardiorespiratory fitness, and induces profound changes in skeletal muscle at the genetic level. Essentially, RNA is rewired to specific DNA sequences after exercising, which literally enhances skeletal muscles.

Furthermore, a similar study found that these types of exercise-induced biological processes improve energy metabolism, immune response, energy homeostasis, tissue repair, and remodeling while also regulating oxidative stress and DNA balancing.

Due to the reality of unlimited unique variations of genomes (literally every human is different), not all DNA reacts and changes in the same ways, and different types of exercises are thought to be more or less advantageous to different individuals. So there is no one exercise that is best for all people to do.

The important thing, then, is to just get up and get active. All safe forms of exercise are beneficial to our health, and as more and more research comes in, we are learning that there really is no limit to the benefits of exercise and physical activity. Another new study found that even minimal exercise apparently helps prevent depression.

Integrating exercise into our daily lives is vital to our wholeness-centered health and wellness. Mindfulness cannot be fully realized without exercise present, and thanks to the data recently published, we know that exercise literally changes the individual molecules of our human bodies. Self care to self repair?! GO FOR IT!

Here at Simply Psych, you’ve probably heard us mention exercise before as an important factor in promoting mental and emotional health. We won’t ascribe any certain exercise regime over another, but we will encourage you to get our heart rate up for at least 30-minutes a day.

Don’t overlook this wild truth: You have the power to literally change yourself at the molecular level. Go for it, and remember that the more you commit to a healthy lifestyle, the more you will see exponential changes in your holistic wellness. 

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