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Starting and running a private practice is so unique to each clinician. And whether you go with a full stack agency (like or a specialty MSO (like us), the key is to remember that you can customize every step of the process.

One place that trips up many a mental health clinician is money. We’re bad at asking for it. We’re bad at knowing how much of it to request. We’re bad at handling it. We’re bad at making it grow itself. But you are working hard to provide specialized care for your patients/clients. So you deserve to be compensated. This blog is to help therapists do one thing: make it easy for people to pay you.

Credit cards and merchant service agreements hardly ever benefit the company. Just suck it up, deal with it, and know it’s part of the cost of doing business. Being able to take credit cards and online payments (via a gateway) is so important for one reason: it decreases the barrier to someone being able to pay you. 

People have always been weird about money, and paying for healthcare costs is no different. But if this necessary transaction can be performed smoother, simpler, and more efficiently, then that allows more time and energy and focus to remain on what matters most: improving patients’ lives.

We work with clients who do every version you can think of: cash, check, mailed payment, invoiced, barter. Any and all will do as long as the systems are in place to make it seamless and accountable. It should not feel like it is costing more money than it actually is. 

Simply Psych is an expert in back office management, and we are bent on making sure we create and execute the processes you want for your practice. Don’t like how your flows are working? Contact us at We’re happy to help!

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