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We live in a culture that is defined by one size NOT fitting all. While this is an empowering position full of endless possibilities (have you been down the cereal aisle of the grocery store lately..? TOO MANY OPTIONS), it can seem overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to work and career choices. The average person, after all, spends one third of their life at work… that is a whole lot of time! (90,000 hours to be exact.) No wonder people are so quick to switch careers whenever they find a better fit or opportunity. 

On average, an American changes jobs 12 times in their lifetime. Now that can include a minor switch from being a newspaper reporter to an online media reporter, or a drastic change from an aerospace engineer to a dog masseuse.

2021 was a year full of job switcheroos as more and more people were driven to realize that their happiness, well-being, and time was better invested in a job or company that treated them and their skills and accomplishments with more respect and gratitude. Or they just really wanted a change; who doesn’t want a little something different after the last few years in this recurring pandemic peril?

At Simply Psych, we advocate for self-discovery and finding your niche. As more and more societal barriers are being broken down, the ability to find something you love to do is finally accessible to all, no matter their age, sex, gender, color, race, ethnicity, education, or socioeconomic status. Find what makes you tick and invest your time in it. If you need to switch a job or two to find what you love, then go for it! 

For mental health professionals, we encourage a mix of income streams, including ongoing direct client/patient care. Your career foundation is healing and wellness for those you treat. Carving out time and space for yourself to thrive is vital so that you don’t become burned out by the heavy toll of the helping sector. Your time is so important; the work you do literally saves lives. Keeping fuel in your tank, and, in this context, passion-filled-fire in your soul, is a big  investment in career longevity. 

So what’s the best way to run a part-time private practice? Use Simply Psych.

We afford you the time to bake, volunteer, flip houses, and everything in between. While we focus on the practice management aspect of your practice (how you want it to be done!), you can focus on treating your patients… and yourself. Pick up that new hobby. Learn that new skill. Start that new thriving business.

Spend more time doing what you love so your life isn’t defined by simply your career, but instead on the life you get to live doing the things you enjoy. Simply Psych is happy to help! To learn more, drop us a line at We would love to hear from you!

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