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Summer is upon us! For kids, that generally means a break from school, more time to go to the pool, a chance to hang out with friends, and even go on vacations or summer camps to have blissful fun and make lasting memories. But as a whole grown-up with a job and responsibilities that leave you with less time (and limited resources), the excitement of a summer respite is almost non-existent. You don’t need a two-month break to claim an opportunity for fun though! Adult summer camps are an amazing chance to feel like a kid again, and soak up the fun. 😎

Planning an entire vacation can be time-consuming (but not without benefits!), and there may not be something or somewhere the whole crew wants to collectively experience. That’s the beauty of adult summer camps! You can find your favorite hobby, activity, interest, destination, or itinerary and go to camp. Instead of planning one trip that incorporates something for everyone (and thus more reasons to not want to go at all), join a group that is doing what you already are interested in. There’s a camp out there for you.

Ready to cook with master chefs in a professional kitchen? Or hone your gardening skills at a beautiful U.K. intensive? There’s grown-up band camp, classic camping vibes, sports-specific, brewery and wine retreats, crafting, fishing, technology, video games, star-gazing, bird-watching, regional history-focused, and even opportunities to take the kids with you to camp. The options are endless! And so are the benefits. 

Cultivating social connections and engaging in group activities are extremely important for both your mental and physical health. A recent study found that older adult sport or exercise group members experienced less decline in their physical health over the same period as other older adults with matching traits who weren’t involved in similar activities. Another trial study revealed that, although engaging in physical activity doesn’t specifically protect against loneliness, exercise in group contexts does promote psychosocial benefits.

Even if you feel less inclined to do an athletic or exercise adult summer camp or retreat, spending consistent time practicing your own creative hobby leads to flourishing instead of languishing (more on that difference here). Social groups have been proven to boost feelings of belonging, life satisfaction, happiness, and overall self-rated health, all while decreasing depression in adults. 

As an adult, taking the time to actively practice self-care is fundamental for wellness. That is why adult summer camps are amazing opportunities that you should absolutely consider! Incorporating group activities or retreats to get yourself out of the sometimes mundane, draining routines of being a productive grown-up is a great way to invest in your mental health all while having fun and improving your skills (or just good old-fashioned relaxing by the lake). 

Mindfulness in action is proactively incorporating activities that boost mental health. Simply Psych is committed to reintegrating mental health into our modern lifestyle.  Discovering more practical instances of mental health improvement is one of our favorite past-times! You can learn more at

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